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I recently purchased my Dusky with a 1724C chart plotter/Radar and a fCV585 fish finder. I need to get either a Navionics card or a C-map card. I will make sure the 1724C has the latest update to the S/W. I fish the Florida Panhandle and the Florida Keys. I am having trouble determining which compatible card to buy. I haven't used C-maps before. According to the Navionics site the 1XG version is not compatible (which covers the area) with my 1724C, but I don't see another card that covers the gulf. If any one has a recommendation, please help.
Most Vx2 machines are C-map units.
If yours is Navionics; it would use the Navionics GOLD XL9 chart on SD card.

(here is an example of coverage)
http://www.ebay.com/itm/NAVIONICS-Centr ... 1005191974

This is special order item from your local Navionics chart dealer.

If your unit is C-map. It would use a common C-map Max map chip.
The gulf coast could be done with several choices like....

It is best to contact C-map/Navionics directly for the most up to date information on their products.
thanks for the information. I don't have the manual for the unit, but I downloaded one from the website. Is there a definite way to tell compatibility, by the serial number/model number? The manual i downloaded suggests that it will use either C-map or navionics. Do you have a preference, between the two with Furuno products, or should I just go with C-map?
If you get the program number from the display; I can tell you how they are programmed.


NavNet one units, most customers had Navionics
NavNet Vx2 is mostly C-map.
looks like mine is a navionics version. The door cover ha Navionics Gold on it. This weekend I updated the Firmware to the latest. (04.01). I am having trouble uploading my waypoints, though. would it be because I am using a 2GB card. the manual only calls out a 32,64, and128MB card. I saved them as GPX format from my lowrance. I renamed them all to 8 characters or less in GPSBabel. I then loaded them into GPSultility and saved them in furuno (rou/rat) files. when I try to load them into the 1724 from the 2GB SD card, it doesn't see anything (everything is disabled). when I tried saving some waypoints from the 1724 and reloading them, it did the same thing. the only thing I have really accomplished, on that front, is deleting all the waypoints.
A 2GB SD card is fine.

When you tried saving points your points onto the card from the 1724C, did it say it completed or did you get an error?
it said complete. everything looked ok. After I had trouble with my Lowrance files, I saved the waypoints on the 1724 to the same card (i didnt delete my others, may be the problem). It did let me select and load the waypoints, but it gave me an error. GPS utility should work if i save the files (rou,rat)?
It would be best to test the write and read functions of the unit. It seems to write okay. Try restoring the same exact points you just saved from the unit. If it works, then I would say that the files from GPS utilities has something wrong. If you want to PM me your points in GPX format, I can see what I can do.