1715 Radar Data Output



I am a newbie here, but I have a burning question that I would like to see if it can be answered.

I am experimenting with the 1715 for a number of different applications and I would like to get the actual radar data (what I see on the screen) outputted to a PC so I can play with data. <I assume it would be db strength on a grid>

I have looked around and cannot find any hardware device for this purpose, nor can I find any information about the how to get to the raw data.

Any suggestions on how and who can help me would be greatly appreciated...

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The 1715 radar data cannot be displayed on anything but the 1715 display itself. It is not a networkable device and has no means to output video to a PC.
Thank You for this reply.

Which model would allow for such an operation; to capture the actual data for further analysis?

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The 1715 can only output the TLL NMEA0183 sentence. The 1835 radar has an optional video output connection to display radar video on another display, such as a computer monitor. The video out contains trigger, bearing pulse, radar video, heading pulse and video ground. There is also a NMEA connection that outputs RSD, TLL and TTM NMEA0183 sentences. I don't know exactly what information you are trying to extract, but this is basically all that's available. If you are looking for something more, another system like a NAVnet 3D system that has a .dll for network interfacing to a computer would required. This information is proprietary and would require Furuno-Japan approval, non-disclosure agreements and some benefit to Furuno themselves prior to them allowing you access to that info.