1621 mk2 display



I'm new to Furuno and this is my first post. Recently picked up a 23' Grady Gulfstream that has a 1621 mk2 radar. The boat had survived hurricane Sandy and is pretty good shape. When I went through the systems and got to the radar it appeared that the display did not survive.
On closer inspection I found a corroded pin on the circuit board side of the power connector.
When I ran 12v to the board the unit did power up. I replaced the 3 pin connector but when I went to power it up again I got nothing. I must have screwed something up when I soldered in the connector.
Anyway, I'm looking to either replace the board (doubtful) the display (hard to find) or find if there are other model displays that will interchange.
Was hoping someone here give me a little insight on my options and I'll appreciate any assistance.
The dome/display/cable of 1621 and 1621MK2 are totally interchangeable. The 1622 display can also work with the 1621MK2 dome. This leaves you three display options for the existing dome. 1621, 1621MK2, or 1622. The DU board (that your were working on) is still available for order from any Furuno dealer (008-472-410 currently $576 list). It might be better to seek out a used display unit. Due to the age (16-18 years old) of the radar, I wouldn't put too much money and time into it. It is possible to replace BOTH the dome and display with a 1623 or 1715 and reuse your existing scanner cable (if still good).