ZTOUCH 12 mixed with two navnet3d



we have navnet3d master and navnet3d slave in the main bridge
in the fly bridge is tzt14. all equipment is coneccted to network hub furuno.

when selecting display chart (go to) in my navnet 3d master,instruccion appears also in the slave but not in the tzt14.

how can i configure it also appears in tzt14.
we have navpilot 711 in the main bridge and navpilot711 in fly bridge.
instrument digital 503 and multi 504 in main bridge
instrument multi in fly bridge
Running a mixed system has some limitations. When mixing the NN3D and TZtouch, the NN3D is the boss. The TZtouch should only be connected with an Ethernet cable and power. The TZtouch is not allowed to be connected to NMEA 2000 in a mixed system. You should also ensure that both systems have the newest software. (NN3D = 2.11 and TZtouch=3.01) Once they are properly interfaced and setup, you MUST ensure they have the same (clock) time.
Thank you johnny for your answer.

with what You mention, i can not make this configuration with ZTOUCH???
Versión in ZTOUCH is 3.01
Versión navnet3d both: 01.01:02.13:01.01. (1950055-02.07)
Is the same clock time
Best regards.

Juan José.
Your NN3D is one version behind on the software (2.07) and should be upgraded to 2.11.
When it comes to your time zone setup, each unit is done differently. (shown in the manual) If you setup the time properly both units will have the same time. Bring up time in a data box on both unit and see if they match the local time.
thank you.
i will follow your instructions and comment the results.

Another question.
Do you have any Mail to check if still has warranty in my ZTOUCH MDF becouse there are
a few drops of moisture in the corners of the screen.
I have serial number.

Best regards.
Juan José
The serial number. MDF TZT14
Still has warranty?

Best regards
Juan José.