Am trying to get an unlock code file ("ucpool.uc") from maxsea and it will not recognize my system ID.
Any ideas? I tied with spaces and without?

Furuno USA issues an unlock code when an order is placed by one of our authorized dealers. Have you checked with the dealer you placed the order with?
So I mst be missing something on the data that is already in my unit.
For instance there is a lot that is listed in the data file that says locked.
I assumed that by getting an unlock code from maxsea i could use it. Is that not correct?
Do I need to purchase it 1st and then I will be an unlock code?

All NOAA raster and vector charts for the United States are unlocked. All other charts require you to purchase an unlock code. On NavNet 3D the unlock code is based on your system ID number found on the master by going to the My Navnet menu.
Your local Furuno dealer can order the unlock code for the charts you require.