Wireless mouse


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I would like to add a wireless mouse to my NAVNEt3D system. All the current wireless units have what is call a unifying receiver. Will the current selling wireless divices work with the current software that is in the NavNet 3d system? Logitech has several nice units. I am looking at the M525. I have the 12" display up on deck with a 15" monitor at the nav station below. I would like to put the mouse at the save station below to control the unit up on deck.

Have not tried this one, so no guaranties given..

Have successfully used different brands of wireless mouse and keyboards.
I think as long as you stay away from bluetooth devices you are ok.
I have successfully used a Logitech Mouse and trackball, both with unifying receivers.
As long as the keyboard/mouse is 100% Microsoft compatible, it should work. You cannot drivers into the NN3D.
Has anyone used a touchpad?

I've got a gyration 'air mouse' and it's a little tedious to use. Lots of hand-waving in the air, hard to get it quite right. That and it's "one more thing" littering the helm area, along with it's own battery to keep charged.

I'm thinking a touchpad on the helm might be less trouble. But I don't know which ones effectively mimic a regular mouse, or at least well enough for an MFD12 to let it work.

Anyone found any USB touchpads that work successfully with an MFD12?

Worst case I'll dig up a plain old wired mouse and add a USB bulkhead port.