What Radars Can I Have?!


Naples Spearo

What are my options open array and dome... RSB00-71-58 will that work? or would I need a RSB0071-57?? Here is a picture of the back of my unit... 10 inch display... the smaller sticker was over the bigger one... i have the camera that i can drop down and sounder... looking to add radar just dont know what model is comp.... Thanks!


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You need the RSB0071-057 for a 10.4" display if you want the 24" dome.
You could also used the 18" dome (RSB0094-075)
For open array radar options you can have one of the following with suitable array and cable.
- RSB0070-064
- RSB0070-059
- RSB0072-060
- RSB0072-060 (also requires the PSU005 power supply)