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i'm getting a "No Position Data" alarm.. checked all connections ok, i'm thinking it may be the GPS antenna.. anyone have any thoughts ?


It might be the antenna or just settings in the unit. For the Furuno smart GPS antenna, you need to ensure that the NavOption is setup for a position source of Furuno BBWGPS. If still not working for you, try doing a GPS clear. (MENU - SYSTEM CONFIG - SYSTEM SETUP - TEST & CLEAR - MEMORY CLEAR - GPS Sensor = YES)

If the antenna isn't mounted to close to other RF or radar signal; it should work find if you check your settings. (unsure the antenna has clear view of the sky)
Thanks for your quick reply JE,

i'll follow your instructions along with reviewing the huge operators manual

FYI, the GPS receiver is mounted on my hard top with clear access, however there is a radar random also mounted within 3' everything worked fine last fall prior to winterizing


Hi JE,

so i finally was about to get to my boat this evening,

i followed the menu route you suggested.. when i arrived at the "GPS Sensor " screen it showed " NO " .. i was able to move the curser to GPS Sensor, however I couldn't or it wouldn't let me change it to "YES"

I also did a "start-up system check.. received message that the start up system check failed & that i should contact my Furuno dealer...

thoughts ?


I'm assuming that the position source part was set to Furuno BB GPS, correct? If it was and the GPS Sensor selection under memory clear wouldn't allow the EDIT button to change it to YES, then the NN2 is not "seeing" the BBWGPS. Most likely the BBWGPS is bad and needs replacement. If the GPS receiver is mounted on the same horizontal plane as the radar or within the radar beamwidth (approx. 22 degrees from the vertical center of dome), then the radar most likely damaged the GPS front-end receiver. This is because the radar transmits RF and the GPS receives RF...if the radar is transmitting directly into the GPS, it's receiving too much RF which damages the receiver.

As for the start-up check message, normally that means that the backup setting data is missing. This usually occurs after a factory clear of the display has been done or the backup battery has failed. There would have been an indication if the battery was going bad, so it's most likely that the display got cleared. You can verify by checking for your waypoints...if they are gone, then someone pressed the clear or alarm button during the power up process. Once the settings are accomplished again, that fail message will go away on the next power up.
*** UPDATE ! ***

Had mobile electronics tech drop by my boat to check out what the heck was going on ... he diagnosed the problem in short order, as it turned one of my displays were not functioning correctly, he was able to connect my radar, sounder, plotter etc etc all to the functioning display & removed the defective one for repair. Everything is working as as it should, however i only have the single display which is a bit of pain.

does anyone know where to send my unit in for repair, i was told Camas Wa,..

...should i contact them prior to shipping ?


Any equipment service/repairs are done at our Camas, WA office. You don't need to contact them first. Just box the unit up with a note INSIDE the box containing your name, address, phone number, e-mail (optional) and description of the problem. Send to:

Furuno USA
Attn: Repairs
4400 NW Pacific Rim Blvd
Camas, WA 98607
(360) 834-9300