VX2 Software Update



Haven't been able to find an answer for this.

1) My owners manual says my machine (1944 and 1920 BB, Navionics) is only compatible with certain brands of 512MB SD cards. I cannot find these locally, and only 2 gigs on up from various other brands. Can I use, say a SandDisk 4gb card to update my software?

2) The software installation instructions say the card must be formatted to the FAT format. Will any FAT format work, i.e FAT16 or FAT32?

3) What exactly are the files I should find and their name when I unzip the down load?:

the latest download is Version 4 and that contains:

4) Do I have to update to any versions before #4? I have some that I downloaded a year or so ago dated 2005 and 2006, but have been paranoid about doing anything since I have never got a good answer to these questions. Tech support didn't seem to understand the file names, and did not know if downloading the files to an Apple computer made a difference.
I had a local Furuno authorized dealer try to update my units with their own cards and they couldn't figure out how to get them to take.

I have been told by Furuno Tech support to first update to 1.08, and sent we a link to that file, however it contains the exact same file names as the more updated (spring 2011) file, see below.

The file names in the prior download mentioned above are:


My system has been working just fine, so i left it alone. Now, due to an issue with it not being able to read a new Navionics 16XG-3 chart card (it reads a 5 year old one of the same model # just fine, Navionics and the chart card dealer both made reference to "updating your software". Furuno tech support didn't know what the other two meant by that, since the unit was reading the old card perfectly.

I am really lost here as to what to do.
The first thing in your post that caught my eye is you appear to have a 10.4" display unit but are trying to load files for a "BB" black box unit. My guess is that you have a very old version of software (like 1.04 or 1.05) and you must upgrade the unit in two steps, to get it up to date. This is normally done by taking it to version 1.06 first and then the current software. It should be done with a 2GB or less SD card (but at least 64MB to hold the program) formatted in FAT format. Keep in mind that SD cards come preformatted when you buy them, so it is best NOT format them. You can get 1G or 2GB cards from www.newegg.com for somewhere around $4 with free shipping; if you can't find them locally. If you PM me your full name and e-mail address; I will have a technician open a support case on Monday, and get you through the process.
Thanks for the very fast response. I will send you a PM in a minute. My system is a Blackbox system . Navionics and the dealer didn't seem to think it made a difference. The files I listed are the same for the update to 1.08 I was sent by Furuno on May 5, 2011.. that was the first update recommended. I will double check on Monday what version my two machines have. Anyway, PM sent. Are all 1 or 2 gig SD cards FAT formatted?
Johnny I got a query first thing this morning from one of your support people, so I am in e-mail correspondence w/him. Just FYI my software is 1.06. Will let the forum know how this all turns out. As an aside, Navionics insists the software be updated, but doesn't know to what version or why. I am simply trying to make a new 16XG-3 card of theirs work in my machine, I have a five year old one that does and this is listed as still being compatible on their site.
From what I can tell the 16Xg-3 is a CF card and not the required SD card used by the Vx2.
Please verify the type of card you are attempting to use.
It is an SD card. And both the dealer and Navionics have validated that it is supposed to be compatible with my specific units.
I tried the software update yesterday afternoon with files your support group sent me and followed the directions precisely, using a FAT16 formatted SanDisk 2 gig card. It didn't work. The tech in Maryland who sent me the link to the update files said it could be done in one step. Well, that didn't fly, my 1920 unit would not power up with that card in there. I thought I had wrecked the machine, so I talked to someone in Camas (thinking that was where tech support was, it is where I have always called), they couldn't find my ticket or file so I had to walk them through my problems. That guy thought the update would have to be done in stages, but was going to validate that and call me back which he never did. Thankfully when I pulled the card out the machine powered up properly. It is still on 1.06. I wanted to but some Furuno gear to add to this system, such as FA50, which requires the update, not to mention being able to use updated charts. I am getting wary of this whole system now and questioning whether Furuno is a good idea for my purposes.
Your unit has software dating back to 2005. Had the previous owner kept the unit up to date it wouldn't be so difficult. I am sorry to hear you have been having difficulties. Of course you can step update the unit. It would be just like going back and doing all the required updates over the years. Normally 1.06 and above can be updated in one step, if the core program files are used; rather than the typical update files. You have spoken with both support offices, have an open support case and a forum posting. I think it is time to let some look at the unit. I recommend you contact your local dealer for support or send the unit in for a free software update.