video feed from slave monitor?


Furuno Super Fan
I have a MU-15 on my flybridge, connected via a DVI-D cable to an MFD-12 at the lower helm. If I connect a video camera input to the MU-15, can I view it on my MFD....or must I connect the camera direct to the MFD?
Johnny: I obviously didn't express my question very well....let me try again.

I know if I connect the camera directly to the MU-150 that I can view it on the Mu-150. But given the Mu-150 is connected back to the MFD via DVI-D, can I view the camera image on the MFD when the camera itself is plugged into the MU-150?

Video is one direction; from the MFD to display.
The display can not back feed video via the DVI-D cable into the MFD.
One more: what if I used a 2nd video connection on the MU-150 to take a video cable back to the MFD's video-in port? Will the MU-150 output video....or are its connections IN only?

thanks again
The MU monitor only receives video, no output.

You could take the original video source and split it to both the MU and the MFD inputs, but you can not have the monitor pass it.