v2.11 Update Question



I am planning to update to v2.11.
Will I need to run the installation wizard after the update?
Routes and points are no problem - they are on MaxSea.

Yes. Part of the combo installation instructions are to clear the unit prior to updating which will delete all points, routes, and any settings. After the update is complete, importing points and routes, as well as running the wizard and setting your system back up will be required. I would suggest running the wizard prior to updating and taking a digital picture of each of your port settings (or writing them down) so that it's easier to set them back up the way they were.

Assuming that you have an MFD8 or MFD12...
Here's a copy of the v2.11 combo update instructions for your convenience:
View attachment Combo Update Instructions MFD8 MFD12 v2 11.pdf
The software can be found at http://www.furunousa.com, type your model number (i.e. MFD12) in the quick search box to get to the product page, and then click on the software tab.
Thanks for the quick reply. Will be trying in next week.