Used Furuno gps plotter 1850w



Just asking if this unit is still up to date, and or update able on line , and what the used value is complete with antenna? any known issues? card issues?
The GP1850 series is getting a bit dated. For the C-map programmed units, charts are available but Navionics units it depends on the areas. A Navionics unit can be reprogrammed to C-map or vice versa. If you search the forum you will find information on the subject, including the reprogramming that should be conducted by a dealer or the factory service center. Value is relative to the buyer and the condition of the unit. The “F” models bring a higher cost due to the built in sounder (fish finder).
Thank you Johnny Electron, can you tell, or any other Nav pros, tell me the latest furuno equivalent , and what the used/ebay market would be a good , but not so expensive choice. Thanks again.
Johnny Electron,


I was searching for an answer on my GP1850/DF navionics version, and ran across this posting. I had no idea the units could be reprogrammed/reformatted. I then searched and found a post that indicated dealers could do this as well as FUSA Service Centers.

Would all dealers have the ability to convert my instrument from Navionics to C-Map? I am thinking the unit is older, so I may have to send to a FUSA site. How do I go about doing so?

And I guess while I have your attention, is there a hidden menu I can access that will show me total hours on?

Thank You
Most authorized dealers that have a service department can conduct the reprogramming. You would need to contact them directly for details and pricing. You can find a list of your local authorized dealers using our "FIND A DEALER" link at the top of our web site. ( In the event that a dealer is not convenient to your location, Furuno USA customers can send the unit to the Furuno Repair Facility with the conversion request along any problems you might have with the unit. No RMA number or initial payment is required. Please make sure to include your contact information. The address is listed below for your convenience.

Furuno USA, Inc
Attn: Service Department
4400 NW Pacific Rim Blvd.
Camas, WA 98607-9408

If you need to reach them; please call 360-834-9300 and ask for the service department.