Uploading sat photos to tzt9



Hello, I am trying to upload satellite photos to my new chart plotter. After going on Furunousa.com and clicking on the download charts icon on the bottom right of the homescreen I finally found the chart I am looking for, the Santa Barbara to South San Francisco high-resolution satellite photos. I followed the instructions on downloading the chart to a blank SD card but my problem is how to transfer the file to the actual chart plotter all of the instructions I find seem to be for nav net 3-D and not specifically for my navnet tzt. The instructions and pictures they show do not match what is on my chart plotter. Any information as to how to download the satellite photo from the SD card to my TZT9 would be very helpful and very appreciated!
Thank you!
Unlike NN3D, TZtouch does not read the .mm3d chart from an Internal Hard-Drive. TZtouch reads the chart directly from the SD-Card slots on the front panel of the MFD or from the USB port on the rear case. The TZT includes a 64GB SD-Card inserted into the left slot. The slot is covered to prevent the user from accidently removing that SD-Card. This will leaves one slot open for the purpose of uploading/downloading waypoints or routes or adding additional satellite photos. You just need to put the SD card you used into that slot and it will be seen.
To view your entire catalog push the home button and then go to catalog. If you select charts you will find a list with 3 tabs. Tab one is your charts, meaning the ones you can view and possibly have unlocked. The second choice is all detected charts, which are all the charts on the 64GB card whether unlocked or not. The final tab will show you the complete catalog of charts available for the entire world.

I hope this helps.
thank you fro your quick response. i have been trying to upload the sat photos using the method you recommended, however it did not seem to work for me... my first question is what about mapmdia.com? on that site i have the option to click on " time zero" charts as apposed to "navnet 3d" after all i am trying to load these sat pics onto a brand new tzt9"... are the files different than the ones i previously described? ( the ones on furuno's homepage that say they are for navnet3d) also once downloaded onto chip you say all i do is insert it into the right side sd card slot and then it starts working instantly?
final question...is there a chance the files are working but i have some setting wrong that would prevent the sat image from being visible? ( I.E. photo fusion or w.e.? )
once again thank you for all your continuing help.

ohhh ...btw.... I also have a problem/question as to my new auto-pilot... the 711 OB that is interfaced with my tzt9. the issue is my Boston whaler 255 conquest has twin 175 verado's which do not allow the installation of furunos rudder reff sensor i guess the mercury verado 150hp and 200hp would have worked but not the 175's, I wanted to utilize the various trolling shapes/designs (the ones that keeps you circling over a bait ball or w.e.) however it will not work by using phantom feedback alone. After a week at the installers shop I have been told to basically give up or buy all new/different steering rams...is this true?
sorry for all the questions that are probably out of place on this forum. I would be happy to post this somewhere else if required.
thank you very much.
Was this our part # you were trying to attach?
i am not sure at the moment, I brought the boat back to Johnson hicks in Santa Cruz harbor. they had a "fabricator" come take a look as well to see if he could make it work somehow but in the end they deemed it basically impossible... i can find out what parts they were working with and get back to you. i was just wondering if you happen to be familiar with the verado 175 issue from previous customers.