TZtouch Reboots after Software upgrade to 3.01

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We recently had the opportunity to do some extended cruising for the first time since we did the software upgrade to 3.01 last year. Unfortunately we are still getting reboots, sometimes multiple times within a hour.

I have officially notified Furuno and I am working with them to resolve the issue.
I have talked to other users that are having reboots so I am confident it is not just me or my setup.

If you are still having reboots and will reply to this post your information can help resolve the problem. Please reply if you have had reboots since upgrading your software to 3.01.
Please note anything that might consistently happen before the reboots.

It seems like when I have had the system on for several days the reboots are more likely to occur.It also seems a reboot is more likely the harder I am working the TZ, using the Sirius weather system, or switching between charts.We have also just been cruising along following a route and had a reboot occur.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks for the heads up in your PM :D . I have not had much opportunity to use my unit since Hurricane Sandy but I expect I will this summer so I will be interested in your issue and I will try to keep track of how my unit does. I did have the problem before I upgraded the software where any voltage drop would cause a reboot or shutdown. I put in a separate battery and isolator for all my electronics and have not noticed any reboots but as I mentioned I have not used the unit much, never for a couple days at a time since the upgrade. You might consider monitoring your voltage as you use your MFD. If batteries are weak, pumps coming on or other peripherals could cause a voltage drop. My Jaguar XKR has all kinds of issues when the batteries are low but thats a whole other tale.
There is a new software upgrade, to v. 3.12

I have no idea what it updated. (Sure would be nice if Furuno would tell us!)
Details of update are available : Software History V3.12.pdf

TZtouch V3.12 Software (Latest as of June 2014)
New: Operation with new MCU002 remote controller for TZT9/14/BB
New: Highlighted selection option in orange on Pop-up window
New: Auto power setting for DFF1-UHD
Improved: User interface and visual impression
Improved: Enhanced position resolution for DSC position
Improved: Optimized active route synchronization with NN3D and Maxsea TZ
Improved: “No chart master” notification
Improved: Class A-AIS target lost error, Targets less than 3kt were lost in 50 seconds. This has been changed to 10 minutes
Improved: When a Navpilot 700 is connected to a TZT MFD, PGN 129283 and 129284 are sent for 30 seconds after arrival to the final WPT
Fixed: Track record setting stays on after power is cycled
Fixed: Heading error caused by PGN 127237 (Heading/Track control). Boat switching between true and magnetic
Fixed: Depth offset output values corrected
We have also a TZT14 with version 3.02 which has also reboot problems.
I had a bootable update card from furuno and they it also doesn't solve the problem.
I'm stil waiting for a soloution.
I have upgraded to 3.12 with my TZT 9 and TZT 14 and still have un-explained re-boots. I had traveled for 1 hr. 55 min. turned off the 700 series autopilot and experienced a re-boot. Also, after traveling for 5 hr. 20 min. it re-booted without any change in parameters. In each case all data and route progress returned but thankfully it was only annoying and not at a critical time like it was last season with 3.01.

I see no improvement with the 3.12 updating, sad to say. This should have been addressed by now.
We are experiencing ongoing reboot problems with the TZ units even after the 3.12 software upgrade. Following are our reboots:

June 17/2014 ran 1 hr. 55 min. then reboot.
June 25 ran 5 hr. 20 min. reboot but returned with all course info correct.
June 28 ran 5 hr. 30 min then a reboot.
June 29 at anchor working off batteries watching Sirus weather and experienced reboot.
June 30 after 1 hr. 35 min reboot, then again after another 2 hr.35 min.
July 5 on generator power watching Sirus weather had reboot.
July 9 1 hr. 55 min. TZT 14 froze while watching Sirus weather ( TZT 9 okay) had to throw breaker to reboot.
July 30 ran 4 hr. 26 min. and had reboot

I can't find any consistency as to when the re boots occur. I have experienced them while running (once or twice at CRITICAL positions) and when on battery power or gen.

I really believe it is a software problem, that Furuno has sold this product to the market prior to being fully tested. Much as the computer companies do, they throw it out there to get the cash and let the users do the final testing. I am especially disappointed that the new update did not resolve any of these issues.
....Furuno has sold this product to the market prior to being fully tested

I would be careful with making blanket statements without supporting documents/facts.

As I have said before, this forum is a support forum and we like the tone to be helpful. There is a point where a case is beyond the intent of the forum and should be addressed directly with your Furuno Distributor. For Furuno USA and our support area, that means calling tech support or opening an official support case ( - Support - Ask Furuno a question).

Of the thousands of TZtouch units sold world wide, only few have shown any reboot issues after the release of 3.01 software. I only know of one forum member who has posted to this thread who was within our support area. He has since found that his display unit had a bad power supply. Posting to this thread will not fix your boat or machine.

I am sorry for your disappointment and the problem(s) you have experienced. We have found if a unit is rebooting; there is a reason. We have found chart card related issues, bad NMEA 2000 networking issues, bad NMEA 2000 power issues, bad boat power, and yes even a few MFD issues where something must be fixed.

I recommend you open a support case with your distributor and get your unit evaluated. If the unit tests good, you might have to have the boat/NMEA 2000 network evaluated. If you are a Furuno USA customer, PM me any existing support case number and actions you have taken to resolve your problem. I would be glad to look into it deeper.
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