TZTouch Interface to Cummins VesselView


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I am in process of building a new boat and am having a lot of trouble getting information on interfacing the Cummins/Smartcraft Vessel View v2.5 engine monitoring system for my Diesels to the TZTouch system I expect to fit (though you may lose the sale if I don't see a path to a CHIRP sounder black box soon!).

The VesselView is basically a J1939 CAN bus system that should be compatible with your proprietary/NMEA 2000 networks. But I only see a NMEA 0183 adapter for the Vessel View which I guess gets it GPS SOG data primarily so it can display fuel economy and range.

Can you tell me how to interface the VesselView 2.5 to a TZTouch system?

On my old boat it was pretty easy. I had Volvo engines and the Volvo EVC system has a NMEA 2000 adapter that connects to the harness and allows connecting as a drop on the NMEA2000 backbone. I used that with a NavNet 3D system quite successfully and got all the engine data on the MFDs.
The TZT is just like the NN3D when it comes to interfacing Engine data. You need to get normal NMEA 2000 infomation from the engines. This is normally done with an interface from the engine manufacturer. I am sure Cummins can help you with this.
Can the engines information be interfaced if it has an NMEA 0183 data? I have older volvo motors that I would like to hook up to the tz.
I am not aware of any 0183 engine sentences. In some cases you might send GPS speed data to an engine or it's gage. What NMEA 0183 sentance(s) does your Volvo provide?
Sorry not real knowledgeable about the motors. Its a Volvo D6 310 AB motors. I was told that it can be interfaced with a multifunction display to show the fuel data, rpm, etc.