tzt9 wireless cannot be switched on



this is my first post on the site so sorry if im in the wrong area etc...
first off i own a 2007 boston whaler 255 conquest. i reicently purchased a bunch of furuno products and had them instaled at johnson hicks marine located in santa cruz CA.
this includes a tzt9inch, the 711 ob auto pilot, the dff1 sonar box,a 1kw bronzr flsh mount transducer, a 24inch 4kw radome, a standard horizon gx2150 VHF radio interfaced to the chartplotter to provide AIS.

The problem i am having is connecting my ipad to the tzt9. when i go to menu, then general settings, then click on wireless settings to turn the wireless switch to the on position, the on-off switch is a very light gray color and will not let me switch it to the on position...also the wreless settings tab directly below the on -off switch currently says " connecting to existinig..." basically the tzt will not let me turn its wireless ON nor will it let me setup any new wireless LAN network...

furuno tech support suggested updating to the newest softtware 2.01 which i did yesterday but with no results...he then claimes he "had no idea what to do" so i am stuck now...

the other problem i am having is sat photos, i have none... the dealership claims the card it came with (64gig) was preloaded with charts and sat photos for the area i fish (northern california) however when i go to the list of charts curretly detected it shows all the charts with a queston mark next to them and says they are missing. so i have a new cr on the way to see if that helps...

If anyone can help it would be amazing! Thanks guys

I recommend that you ensure you have a backup of your settings and waypoints (if you want to keep them) on a SD card. Since you recently upgraded the machine; I suggest that you factory clear it to default. This can be done by holding the “HOME” button as you turn on the machine. Keep holding the HOME button thru the NavNet boot-up screen until a screen comes up allowing you clear “ALL”. It will ask if you wish to clear all; and you will select YES, then Okay, then CLOSE. The unit has now been cleared to factory settings.

Here is a listing of the exact charts that are preloaded on the provided 64GB SD map chip. ... 20List.pdf
(From what I can see we do not pre-load any high res sat photos for California; but you can download them for free on our website.)

Please ensure your map chip is fully inserted. Sometimes people push on the rubber chart door instead of the power button by mistake and the card might be ejected, but you not notice. The card must be inserted for the maps/Sat data to be read.

Go under Menu - General - and try to turn on your wifi again but this time touch (don't slide) your finger on "On" one time (letting go) and wait 10 seconds. Did it turn ON?

At this point you can restore your waypoints from the SD card if you wish.
Let us know how it turns out.
Thanks for the reply and help! I will try that tomorrow and let you know how it goes.
Side note, when I view the list or charts currently on the card most of the results have a "?" mark in the top left corner and says " missing" this pertains to all but 2 results but anyways I got a new card In mail today so I will insert and compare the cards tomorrow and see if it was just operator error :)
Under the Menu – Catalog - of the TZtouch, there are three tabs at the top.
The first one shows the charts that are loaded and unlocked for use in the machine.
The second tab shows all charts that are loaded, but some may be locked.
The third is the Entire world catalog, so you can find charts that you might need/want
Let us know how it all works out for you.
Hi all...
I just wanted to update you guys on my problem...
so after several failed attempts to fix the problem myself, i brought the boat back to johnson hicks (the guys who installed everythinig) they eventually linked the problem to the small internal battery iniside the tzt9... i guess it was not putting out enought voltage... they are replacing the entire tzt9...

thanks again guys for the help! i am sure i will be posting new problems soon or shall we say (operator problems) hah... cant wait for salmon season to open here in cali! its April 6th 2013. i will be out of santa cruz and half moon bay. this year will be fun with my new boat and all the goodies that we put on it.
Glad to hear the dealer got you fixed up. I have never heard of that before, but I guess there is a first time for everything.
Hi all I just wanted to update you guys on my problem after returning the boat to Johnson hicks they finally realized the internal battery on the tzt9 was not putting out enough power. They replaced the unit with a new tZT9 and the wireless now works.
Thanks again