TZT14 Wiring Intructions



I have purchaced a new system witch consits of
2 TZT 14
1 GP-320P
1 DFF1
1 PSU-012
1 Hub-101
the question out their is on the GPS 320 showing in the manual for the TZ 14 but can not get no info on the site how to connect to all the equipment i have ? or is thier a wiring diagrame that some one has that you could send to me ?or where to find it on Furunos site
The diagram with color codes is in the Operator's Manual of the BBWGPS (aka GP-320B). Here's a link to this manual: ... -13-11.pdf

The BBWGPS is a NMEA0183 antenna. The TZ Touch system doesn't support NMEA0183 natively. It is strictly a NMEA2000 system. One can, however, wire this antenna to a NMEA0183-to-NMEA2000 adapter such as the IF-NMEA2K2 to provide GPS information. The IF-NMEA2K2 and all TZT14s would be connected to an existing NMEA2000 backbone/network.
Can I wire the the the nmea2k2 converter directly to my Airmar NMEA 0183 combiner, which has data from my weather station / gps, AP, AIS data? (I hope it is as simple as matching the color coded nmea wires) Will the tzt14 then pick up all the weather data that my Furuno rd30 has?
You could connect the IF-NMEA2K2 to the RD30 which would provide the data contained on the RD30 to the NMEA2000 backbone for the TZT14s. That would be a better connection if that is your goal (displaying information from RD30).