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What are the resolution requirements for a second display to clone the TZT14 display now possible with the 3.01 S/W upgrade?

The Furuno specs say that the native resolution of the TZT14 is 1280 x 800 but makes no reference to the supported DVI-out resolutions.

After extensive internet research of marine multitouch high bright monitors, none appear to support the TZT14's 1280 X 800 resolution which is usually found with a Mac laptop or Mac widescreen monitor resolution.

The TZTBB, however, reports having DVI-out resolution support for both wide and non-wide resolutions:

1280 x 720 (16:9), 1280 x 800 (16:10), 1280 x 960 (4:3), 1280 x 1024 (5:4)

with the 1280 x 1024 being a more common non-widescreen standard offered in marine monitors.

Where does one go from here to find a 2nd display for the TZT14 that's larger than 14 inches? Could the TZT14 have the same DVI out resolution support as the TZTBB . . . .that could be the answer.
While we are at it, can I please ask exactly the same question in relation to the TZT9.

I tested this today. I was using a Viewsonic 24" Multi-Touch TD2420 monitor plugged into the DVI/USB port of the TZT14. The Viewsonic has a screen resoloution of 1920x1080 but it is capable of auto scaling properly to the TZT14's output of 1280x800 and it looks and works fantastic. While the Viewsonic is nice, it is not even close to marine rated but it did work for the purpose of this test. If you do find a display that suits you, make sure you have the newest software V3.01 in your TZT14. Go into the menu, choose Initial Setup and then scroll to the bottom of the menu and turn on External Touchscreen and also turn on the Show Home button. This way you'll have full control of the system from the touchscreen as well as the TZT14.

I used the same Viewsonic 24" Multi-Touch display to test the TZT9 and it also worked fine, auto-scaling to the TZT9 output of 800x480. It was also very nice to see the TZT9 on the big screen and I think it looked very good. The one thing that is different about your Furuno TZT9 and Rascal's TZT14 is you won't find the External Touchscreen settings or the Home Button setting in the TZT9's menu. While you can use the TZT9 on an external touchscreen monitor via the HDMI/USB ports, you won't get full use of the menu like you can on the TZT14. Since there is no "Home" button being output to the external monitor from the TZT9 you cannot get to the menus from the external touchscreen. You can however use the external touchscreen to pan/zoom etc... with ease. If you truly want full screen control capabilites you can always connect an iPad wirelessly with the TZT9 and you will have full control.
Geoid96 & Stickman,
Thanks very much for the long-waited report on the cloning of the TZT14 display. Today my Furuno dealer pulled the TZT14 and did a similar bench test with the DVI-D output to a non-touch screen HP 2511X HD monitor with great results.The charts looked phenomenal! I am really looking forward to seeing the DFF1-UHD sounder and DRS25A radar in action on the Hatteland 24HD21 high bright monitor that I trust will be delivered next month.

No problem. I am sure you'll be very happy with the nice, big Hatteland display when you get it installed. I also did much of the early pre-release testing of the DFF1-UHD on the East Coast and I am sure you'll be happy with that as well. I have played with the DRS25A in our shop but don't have one on my boat due to size constraints. Sounds like you have chosen a nice package of Furuno equipment. Thanks for your support and let us know how it turns out. Please feel free to add some pictures to the forum when you get everything up and running. We would love to see it.
I have recently added the Hatteland 24 inch X-Series High Bright Touchscreen Monitor to my console and found that it worked well in every respect with the TZ14 as a clone. Also added was the UHD-DFF1 sounder which is very impressive using the B265 LH transducer. The plan is to add a TZT Black Box so that together with the Hatteland monitor they will be a stand alone system.
Coupled with the Furuno DRS25A radar sensor, the SAT30 Satellite Compass, the RD33 Navigational Data Organizer, DT-800MSF digital depth and temperature sensors, 200WX Ultrasonic Weather Station and a GP330B GPS sensor, my system is a helmsman's dream. The Fusion IP700 radio with XM/Sirius Radio/weather sensor and 2 remotes is operational from the Furuno displays. One is able to control the TZT14 from the iPad app and view certain info from an iPhone app which is rather cool.

Non Furuno equipment include: Simrad AP 28 with IS20 Rudder Angle Indicator, Garmin 8015 Chartplotter which is not compatible with the Hatteland touchscreen monitor operation standpoint. One must use the optional GRID joystick device, unfortunately. It will clone the display however. Garmin VHF 300 blackbox AIS Radio and a ICOM IC-M604A VHF radio with 2 remote HM-157B Command MICIIs. See the attached photo.


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Johnny Electron:

I believe I understand from this thread:

TZT9 will support either an external monitor or external touch screen but will not display a HOME button so control from the external touch screen will be limited.

TZT14 will support either an external monitor or external touch screen, with full functionality and control from the external touch screen.

1. Is the above correct?
2. Is there any way for the TZT14 display and the external monitor or external touch screen to show different views?
3. Is there any way to control either a TZT14 or a TZTBB external touch screen via a mouse, ideally wireless?

1. Correct in the past, but would need to check under current software.
2. No
3. Yes mouse will work as long as 100% Microsoft compatible without loading drivers.

Be careful with forum threads that are really old because sometimes the answers change over time due to software changes.
Johnny Electron:

Thanks for your caution against following old threads.

1. What external monitor resolution is supported by the most current TZT9 compared to the TZT14 and TZTBB?

2. Is there any difference between the most current of these three units in their ability to support mouse control or WIFI apps?

The TZTBB and TZT14 both output 1280x800 (WXGA)
The TZT9 puts out 800x480 (WVGA)
They all support a mouse and the three (Free) Furuno APPS (REMOTE.VIEWER.CONTROL)
I have a TZT14 in my pilothouse (lower station) and a TZT9 in my flybridge (upper station). I mostly drive from my flybridge. However the location of the TZT9 makes it easy for me to see , but far away from my first mate's view, hence the need to add a 2nd display on my flybridge.
My idea would be to add a 2nd display on the flybridge that is connected to the TZT14 (lower station) and can be controlled by touch screen to allow my 1st mate to have her own viewable monitor on her side, while I view the TZT9 MFD on my side. Can you recommend a suitable touch screen, daylight viewable monitor of either 8, 10 or 12 inches in size ? I know I need to find a monitor with 1280 x 800 resolution, but what are the connections that I will need to use ? Thanks for your help.