TZ14 and MFD12 unlock chart



Dear sir
I have 2MFD12 and MFD8 the master is mfd12 now my slave mfd12 on flybridge broken,
I have to replace by TZ14 i try to unlock chart from the network but still not working
Any body can help me please :(
The system id for MFD is. SIC7D9 6C15 F80 5101 48
The id of TZ14 is N4 7392 F7C3 AC09 7485 66
Before an unlock code can be generated for the TZT14's chart(s), the system IDs for both systems need to be linked in the MaxSea database. Once linked, an e-mail can be sent containing a separate set of unlock codes for the TZT14 system. If an Internet connection is available on the boat, the TZT14 can connect to it and will automatically download the new unlock codes. I've already linked the two system IDs in the MaxSea database for you. If you would like an e-mail with the unlock codes, please PM me with an e-mail address and I'll have them sent to you.