DFF1/tz14 no “sounder” icon


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Aloha all,
I have tz touch 14 with a DFF1 system.
Everything was working great last trip. I was doing some coordinates on land with my tz14 so I went to “sounder” on main menu and hit off.
Then after that unplugged my monitor to do some fiberglass work on boat. After work on boat was done
I plugged my tz14 back in as usual.
Then powered everything up to test it, went to test everything to make sure it was working, I noticed my “sounder”
Icon wasn’t showing.
My light on the DFF1 isn’t showing anything.
Power cables look okay.

Is the a “network” cable from DFF1-tz14 issue or a DFF1 power issue?

Please let me know your thoughts. I checked cables and everything looked good and clean
If it was working before it shouldn't be the mode settings on the sounder. If the light on the sounder is totally out it seems you don't have power. The power should be check at the DFF1 connector and any fuses and breakers check associated with that power cable.