troublesome review of 1715



I was ready to buy a 1715 radar to replace the old Raymarine unit on my boat when I stumbled across a worrisome review on line that was posted by a 1715 owner on a boat called Salsa. He wrote about problems with the automated guard zone feature that is supposed to let the radar activate and scan on a preset time interval.

Was this a software problem that has been fixed? Was it isolated to Salsa's unit.

Since I only found one review that mentioned the problem I am tempted to think that this problem is not common to all 1715 units.

Also, the 1715 has been in production for a number of years. Based on the current market Furono seems to have the stand alone small boat radar market pretty much to itself but I am concerned about how long this unit will continue to be manufactured and how long after manufacturing is stopped will the unit be able to be serviced.
There hasn't been any announcement to discontinue the 1715, and with all the sales and success I doubt that time is near. Ask someone familiar the Furuno about how well the products are still supported after we stop selling something.

I haven't seen the review you spoke about but the watchman feature works fine. With the many thousands of those units sold and what I know about the product, I would have to say it was operator error or unique case.
Thanks for the reply

There must be some sort of company policy about how long products are serviced after production stops. do you know what that policy is?

If you google reviews of furono 1715 you will find the review I am talking about. It shows up several places.
I did a little research on the customer/case. He self exported the equipment rather than purchasing from his local distributor. When he had issues, the local distributor wasn't maybe as motivated as they could have been. We do not control other distributors. Furuno USA wasn't directly involved in the resolution process until two years into it, because the customer failed to provide a serial number or explain that it was a gray market export purchased from the USA. Ultimately, we replaced the unit outside of warrantee and the customer case was resolved. Furuno does not post on other forums so you get one side of the story. Make it what you will.

We don't have an official policy on how long each product is supported. Tech support will offer help for as long as we have the data and someone old enough to remember the system. We normally try to pre-plan repair parts for system about 10 years after the last product is sold. Sometimes a few of these parts get used faster than we thought or last longer. Many times they last longer and we will have parts for 30 year old radars. I get at least several calls each day on 25+ year old radars. We have most parts still to support them, but not many want to pay the costs for new parts for a 25+ year old radar.

I am not a sales guy, I am a tech. I know you are used to buying from other companies that say "this product is no longer supported" the day they sell the last unit. I think you will find our support different. Many of the marine companies have gone to replacing the units with refurbs and then when you are out of warrantee, they only offer to discount on your next purchase from them. We don't do that. We have won the "Best in support NMEA award" every year since it has been created. The best radar for the last 38 consecutive years.

When it comes to the 1715, I don't think anyone has a complete radar in it's price range. I don't know what else you want to make your decision. I commend you on your research but if you ask a few dealers/installers, I am sure you will get mostly the same answer. If that is the only negative review out of the many years and thousands of units sold, that alone says a lot for the 1715 radar.
I know we have many folks outside of Furuno USA's sales and support area, who like to use our forum. We are always glad to help but if you are buying equipment, you should be buying from your local authorized distributor/dealer to ensure the fastest and best support possible. Gray market/Self Exports are difficult to deal with and if you have done this, and end up with a service issue; PLEASE make this clear to whomever you are speaking with.