Transfer of Routes from Navnet2 to new navnet 3d



Sorry if this has already been covered, but a search didn't show it.

I want to transfer my routes and waypoints from my Older Navnet 2 to my new 3d. When I export using the Navnet 2 to a SD chip the new 3d does not recognize the format.
One of the best ways to transfer points for the NavNet Vx2 units is using MaxSea "Classic" and MaxSea TZ software. The MaxSea Classic software can read the Vx2 format from the SD card and load it into MaxSea. MaxSea then can export in GPX (General Exchange Format) which can be converted to NN3D by MaxSea TZ or other off the shelf programs like GPS Babel. There is always more than one method to accomplish this... For example you could also conduct a Waypoint and Route data dump to a PC via the RS232 port on the NavNet 1 or Vx2 and then use software like GPS Utilities and GPS Babel to put the points into the NN3D format. For you and the other forum members who need to do this and might not have MaxSea or other tools to convert the points; we can do it for you. If you open a support case ( - SUPPORT - Ask Furuno a question) and attach the Vx2 files from the SD card with the request to have it converted to NN3D (CSV) format, we would gladly provide the service. :wink7