I am posting this a second time because after a day I still cannot find the original post. Sorry if it is duplicate and I am just not finding it. I am new to forum so it could be so.

I replaced an old 292 with a fcv295 and am having trouble with the LF display. HF seems fine. LF will not find the depth and delivers a very suspicious display. It worked fine with the 292, but I have ruled out most other possibilities. After much checking, I believe the transducer is bad. It is a CA50/200-12M. I am in the process of tracking down a LF that I can connect just to test to ensure the xdcr is the problem. Assuming I will need to replace, I am looking for recommendations regarding power (1, 2 or 3KW). I troll offshore and ocassionally bottomfish in this boat. I have never used anything above a 1Kw.

Also the one trip I have made since replacing the sonar, I attempted to look for bait schools using the HF set at depth ranges of 200 to 600'. I was in 1,900 to 6,000 feet of water. The display would scroll so slowly it was like watching paint dry. Any settings to change to allow me to use the HF in this way? It scrolls fine in shallower water. I use to do this with my 292 so not sure why it did not work with the 295.
Well within 3 minutes of posting this a second time, I got an email the post from the previous day was posted. Sorry to duplicate.