Transducer (m260) and Sounder (BBF1) problems



I recently upgraded my transducer from a B256 to M260 to achieve better bottom reception and depth. Unfortunately it hasn't improved much as I still can't see bottom in depths over 300-400'. It seems to work fine in depths less than this though. My transducer is hooked up to a BBF1 sounder and Navnet display. I went through the painstaking exercise of decoring the hull (now 0.5-0.7" thick) and installing the m260 per airmars recommendations. Are there any specific setting within the sounder configuration on the Navnet display that I should be aware of for this sounder and transducer?
Regardless of the settings (Auto - Cruising, Auto - Fishing, or manual) I don't seem to be able to improve this issue. I have recently added an external ground to the BBF1 to see if that changes things.

Thanks for your question. Without seeing any screen shots of your sounder its hard to comment on your situation. Normally a B-265/BBFF1 should work to a 1000ft on 50khz. Even though the make up of a M-260 is a better transducer you will lose performance shooting though the hull making the overall performance about the same as a B-265. If you get a chance you can review my response to the "Optimum BBFF1 settings" question. That screen shot was recently taken in 300-500ft with the settings noted. I would also check that the BBFF1 is set for 1Kw instead of the default 600w. If you want to post a screen a shot with your current settings I would to look them over for you.