Transducer help



Hi guy's,
I am taking out a 585 with a b260.I am going to upgrade to a 295 or 1150 with a R299 IN HUll.I am a little hesitant about a in hull.I am a bottom fisherman in 90 to 170 ft of S.W. FL.I know I will be going from a 1kw to a 2kw,but it will be shooting thru the bottom.Will I notice the difference in preformance? Also will I be able to pick two frequencies.I usally run the b260 in 200kh-for the bottom detail.We are looking for grouper and snappers tight to the bottom.The combo I have know works very well,but I am wanting better.I don't have the room for the 2kw thru hull.I want to stay with Furuno, your equiptment is awesome and the customer support is outstanding.I look at CHIRP,but the reviews are o.k. at best,and I know your version is still being evaluated.Tell me what transducer I need to keep my customers coming back. Capt.Mike
Capt. Mike,
I perfer the R-209 over the R-299. Same frequency range but is an external transducer.

Thank's for the responce.Yes I prefer external transducers also.