transducer for 295



Hello ...
I bought a furuno 295 now I have to match the transducer 1kw.
I want to know which of these probes is the most suitable for fishing 500m.
B260 tm 260 50b-9b
Thank you for your question. I have never tested these transducers side by side to see which one is better. Since the B-260 and TM-260 have the same internal make up I would consider them equal. Of those two, I perfer the B-260 because of the bronze housing. So if we judge the B-260 against the 50B-9 just on the specs I would have to say the 50B-9 may have a slight advantage having more elements (9 vs.7). One thing to remember about the 50B-9 is that it has an elliptical beam pattern (12 x 28) vs. the B-260's conical 20 degree pattern. This means that the targets should appear slightly stronger but shorter when using the 50B-9.

Ok thank you very much.
So basically there are no substantial differences between the b260/tm260-9b and 50b from what I have understood the 50b-9b has 2 crystals in more than 260 series.
Now another question, to see fish deeper than 500m and to distinguish them better fit a 2kw 50 50 or a 2kw 28? And what type of sensor?
I would favor the narrower beam 50Khz at 500m. Now are the fish on the bottom or are they mid-water?

I do deep bottom fishing, so I try the fish mostly on the bottom
then tell me that the 50 would be better 2kw of 2 kw 28 pre find the fish that is on the bottom?
If the fish are close to the bottom in 500m I would favor 2kw 50Khz.

ok thank you.
logically based on what you say is better than a 50hz 2kw for the fish that are in the bottom of 700m.
Can you tell me why you prefer the 50-28?
What you said is also true for a 3kw?
This also applies cmq for fish that are raised from the bottom even 50m?
Personally I feel 50Khz is a better alround fish detection frequency than 28Khz. Also the beam width of 50Khz at 1500ft is 488ft vs. 860ft for the 28Khz. Think of it this way, if you bounce a ball straight down it bounces straight up. Now if you bounce a ball at an angle it will bounce away at the same angle. It is the same with accoustic energy. I also favor a short pulse when looking for fish on the bottom.

How do I set the best the 295 with probe 50-9b9 to see fish on the bottom in 500m?
I might know that I can be the best settings to see fish at 500m?
295 with 50b-9b
I don't know of any vessel that is using the FCV-295/CA50B-9 combination for fish detection here in the states. However we still have a few vessels that are using that combination for crabbing.

ok thank you. instead with the 295 and B260 can see the fish in 500m? or do I have to put a 2kw?
The higher the power and narrower the beam width, the better your results will be.