Timing Adjustment



I have an older Model 1761. Unit runs great with one small quark. the Sweep Timing adjustment has to be reset every time I power it up. I power up the unit and go to the Installation menu and reset it. It's like loosing the time on a computer board when the battery goes dead. Once it set, it works fine until the next time.
Anyone have any thoughts?
You have a bad PROM chip in your display unit. You should contact your local dealer or factory service center to have it repaired. This radar does not have a battery in the display.
Thanks, Better than the local dealer who told me that the unit could not be repaired. You wouldn't know which chip that would be by chance?
Of course without the unit being troubleshot on the bench, it isn't 100% but it is most likely EEPROM M6M80041FP-T3. (Furuno Part# 000-137-588 / $33 list / currently in stock) It is best to have your authorized dealer or the factory service center do the troubleshooting/repair/replacement.