Surviving failures in a small NavNet



One MFD8(or)12 plus one DRS2D(or)4D plus one laptop running MaxSea Time Zero, all connected via a Hub, should make a wonderful system aboard a small sailboat. To minimize the impact of failures, depth, speed, wind, temperature, GPS and AIS sensors can be independently installed and networked via wire and/or WiFi to the MFD and laptop as well as iPhone and iPad. But what happens if the single MFD fails? Can the laptop, or it's backup, continue to use radar images with the MaxSea TZ software? If not, why not?

At $500 each I can afford a backup laptop legally loaded with a backup copy of MaxSea TZ. But I certainly can't justify buying two MFDs ($6 to $9K !!) to prevent the failure of one from crippling my PC based MaxSea TZ and that software's ability to use the radar sensor.

Since the radar can be powered independently, there must be a way to allow it to continue to feed MaxSea TZ.
Thank you for your post and welcome aboard.
At this time our Digital Radar Sensors or DRS must be used in conjunction with one of our MFDs. However your suggestion has been passed on to our product development department where they have already been looking into the concept you mentioned.