Suggestions on Compatable displays



I currently have a furuno 1941 radar with an open array, Furnofcv-582L FF, and a Northstar 952x. I would like to replace the northstar chart plotter as acting up and does not have the maps I want and chips like $300 and the old classic type so it’s just time to replace it. What furono display would be compatible with the open array I have? I really don’t want ot have to replace that as they are real pricy and work fine but wousl like to combine chart plotter and radar and the display for radar I have is also fairly old and not the one that came with the array. The array is from 2001.
Welcome Capt. Frank-
Unfortunately there is no current model of chart plotter that can use your existing array to display radar.
Sorry Captain, but there was never any plotter/radar combo that would work with the 1941 radar. It used a 32vdc tuning voltage and the newer systems are 12vdc.