Speed sensor location

I am planning to install a B260 Transducer on my Osprey 26. I plan to install it on the center line in front of the engine.

I want to install a thru hull speed sensor as well. Can you tell me how to locate the speed sensor in order to avoid interference?

I plan to use a FCV587 or an FCV 295 sounder.

Do you have any pictures of the hull and where you are planning the mount the B-260?

Hi Snips,
I have a few pictures but I can not figure out how to attach them. Can you guide me as where to look this up?
Clink on Upload Attachment, then Browse (to locate where you have the photo) then Add the File. You then can use the Preview button to make sure you picture(s) are attached.



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HI Snips,
I have attached 3 photos. 2 are from the transom looking forward and 1 is looking down on the transducer from the inside of the boat.
I am planning to mount the B 260 transducer on the center line of the boat at about the same distance forward as the present transducer (48 inches forward of the transom).
I want to mount the speed sensor in a location that will not interfere with the B 260. If possible, I would like to use the hole where the present transducer is mounted.
FYI, the file extension for photos has to be jpg and not JPG.


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Using the old transducer location for the speed sensor should be OK if the B-260 is directly inboard on the CL. I trust you are planning to use the high speed fairing that comes with the B-260.