Sounder replacement Navnet VX1



I want to replace the transducer on an old Navnet VX1 network. I was trying to order an airmar B-260 but found that they needed to know if it was duplexed and had several possibilities. How do I determine which transducer is needed? The old unit has not visible markings.
I know you can't read any markings on the current transducer.
What model network sounder unit is the current transducer connected to?
If you can find that out, I can tell you which B260 you need.
Basically if your current network sounder has a 10 pin transducer connector, you would need a Diplexed B260 transducer. (526TID-HDD) If your current network sounder is hardwired or using two large 4 Pin connectors it would need a non-diplexed (526TID-HDN).
Thanks for the help. I got more info- The transducer currently in use had a tag further up the cable which I had not seen. It is a 525ST-MSD B744V. The network sounder is a Model ETR-6/10N.
There is one plug going into the network sounder module.
The sounder you have is what Furuno USA calls the BBFF1.
Here is a direct link to the product on our web site. ... sh+Finders

The transducer is Furuno part number 525ST-MSD
Here is a direct link to the product on our web site. ... =525ST-MSD

If you wish to replace the transducer with a better 1kw transducer (like the B260 you were talking about) you will need to change a jumper setting inside the sounder to tell it that you are now using 1Kw of power. (as shown in the BBFF1 manual, moving J12).

The B260 will need to have a built in diplexer. (part number 526TID-HDD)
Here is a direct link to the product on our web site. ... s+w%2fTemp