Slewing frequencies on 1150


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I have a ss264 wide tranny connected to a fcv1150 and was wondering how far the frequencies can be slewed and what the benifits would be by doing so
Also the lf tranny is a 50bl12hr and i belive it can be used up to 75 hz but not sure how low i can set it to
Thanks Nick
I have never tried a FCV-1150 with the SS264 so I don't know how far you will be able to slew the 50 or 200Khz before you start losing performance. Be aware that the 1150 is blocked out from transmitting in the 53-65, 111-139 and 171-183Khz frequency ranges.

As far as I know the 50BL-12HR has a 10Khz bandwidth meaning should perform equally well from 45 to 55Khz.

Snips if its only slewing 10% would you see any noticable difference???.
I wouldn't expect to see much change but it's worth a try to see if there is any performance difference.