Sizing for NavPilot 300

I am trying to find appropriate sizing information for the NavPilot 300 autopilot system. I've seen several posts here about it having upper limits for hydraulic systems, and I've read the installation and other manuals I could find, plus the FAQ, but I couldn't find a definitive answer on sizing.

I have a hydraulic steering system with an existing pump that appears to be sized correctly and worked very well with an older autopilot. It is a Type 2 pump, and from what I can tell my ram is rated at 18.9 cubic inches volume. So the Type 2 pump is sized nicely since it should handle from 14-25 cubic inches without issue.

The boat itself is a 42' dual inboard engine semi-displacement trawler with dual rudders, weighing about 28,000 lbs with a cruise speed of 11 knots and max speed of 20 knots.

I like the idea of the NavPilot 300 since it is 100% NMEA 2000 and I already have a backbone everywhere I would need to install a part of the system. I also like the remote for a secondary driving location I don't use much. I would be adding a rudder response unit so I can see the state of my rudders, and there is already wiring in place from a previous setup.

However, I want to make sure that it can handle a boat my size.
Most type 2 pumps should be no problem for the NP300. How much current does the existing pump need for peak and nominal power draw?
I do not have the specs for the pump other than it is a Type 2. It is in a hard to reach area, and I can get pictures of parts of it.

It was installed as part of a Furuno NavPilot 700 series setup which has since been removed. The pump was brand new then (4-5 years ago) and was connected to a FAP-7002 module. It doesn't appear to have a Furuno label on it, but that could have come off.

The system has a 25 amp DC breaker that fed the FAP-7002 and two displays plus a PG-500. It never tripped while being used, so I am going to guess the pump is about 20 amps maximum.
Thanks! I'm very happy the NP 300 should work, as it seems like a great way to get a high quality autopilot that is NMEA 2000 centric. I will definitely engage support if needed.
NavPilot 300 has been installed and I used it 4 different times over the last week or so. Works perfectly with my Type 2 pump, and the remote is quite useful.

I have seen several times where the main display unit has frozen and is completely unresponsive. It is on a new NMEA 2000 branch / tap area so I am going to redo the wiring just in case. However, I wanted to check the software versions and whether this could be the issue. They are:

Processor: 01.03/01.02
Controller: 01.04/01.03

The only way to recover from this is to power cycle the entire autopilot and NMEA 2000 bus.
You have old software. The current software is 1.06 for the processor and 1.07 for the display. It is very easy to update using a USB stick. Contact tech support directly and they can get you the software.