Simplest way to interface Navpilot 511 w/ TZ14



I've ordered my TZ14 and am trying to get all the interfacing laid out. TZ14 will get GPS from 330B. Need to interface Navpilot 511 w/ TZ14. What is simplest cabling method to get heading info from PG500 to TZ14 and control head information into TZ14 as well. I have ordered the 0183/2000 NMEA2K2 converters. Thanks in advance!
I am currently looking into the best way to interface the TZT system with the Navpilot 500 series. We have received some reports of issues using the IF-NMEA2k2 with the Navpilot 500 series. I will post something as soon as the picture is more clear.
Very much appreciate your time and effort. My installer is a capable fellow, but the NMEA 0183/NMEA2000 issues are not something he has dealt with. My Navpilot 511 has served me very well and I am looking forward to using it w/ the TZ14. Again, thanks.
I've been working on the 511/TZ14 interface. 1) Would it work better to use the IF-NMEA2K1 rather than the IF-NMEA2K2? 2) What about using the RD33 to provide heading input from the PG500 to the TZ14 rather than either of the NMEA converters? I assume that the heading information is part of the problem when using the IF-NMEA2K2.
They are working on some software changes to the NMEA2k2 to make it more compatible with the NavPilot 500 series. Right now, to interface the 0183 type pilot, it is best to use the NMEA2k1 or an interface like the Actisense converter. Your idea of using the RD33 as a converter might work. I would have to test it. The pilot itself needs heading directly from the provided PG500 compass. (unless using something better like an SC30 then the SC30 interface should be used)
Thanks for the reply. I've already got the IF-NMEA2K2s, so if the software is upgraded can it be retroloaded into my units?
Yes, the best way would be to send the interfaces into our service center for a free update. The software should be available soon.
I am installing the TZ14 this week. I have no problem delaying the interface between the Navpilot and the TZ14 since the autopilot can be used on its own w/o the interface. However, in terms of supplying heading data to the TZ14, which seems to be essential to the function of the TZ14, can I run a cable from the PG500's NMEA0183 port w/ the IF-NMEA2K2 and inject that into the CAN bus, leaving the autopilot computer out of the equation? Thanks again for all your help.