Setting up FA-30 AIS with NavNet VX2



Hi, everyone.

Wondering if anyone could offer me some tips in setting up an FA-30 with my NavNet VX2. I'm trying to do so over ethernet. I have the FA30 set up on a unique IP address in the same subnet as my VX2. I can see it getting AIS targets (orange light flashing on FA30) and I can see network activity (light blinking on the ethernet port), but no AIS targets ever show up on the VX2.

Is there something I need to do on the VX2 to tell it that the FA30's IP address is an AIS source? Any insights would be appreciated.

You should leave the IP settings of the FA30 exactly as it was out of the box. ( is nothing you need to do to the FA30 except connect it to your system, connect your whip antenna and power it. Your Vx2 on the other hand might need some attention and is most likely your problem. First off, what version of software do you have in your Vx2? How do you have your network connection? Do you have a direct connection or via a hub? What type of cables and adaptors are you using to connect to the unit/hub?
Hi, Johnny.

The IP address of my VX2 is, so I changed the IP address of my FA30 to be That was a mistake? Easy enough to change back.

I'm not clear on how to confirm my software version. When I boot the VX2, I see program number 195002601.08,03 but that doesn't seem to correspond with any of the version numbers I've seen.

Under AIS options on the VX2, I have it turned on and am using the "range" option with a range of 30 miles. In addition to the orange flashing light on the FA30, I can see under the "service" menu on the FA30 that I'm getting a couple dozen AIS hits.

I don't have a HUB as the FA30 will be my only networked device. I'm using a CAT5 cable from the VX2 to a crossover connector to short Furuno RJ45 to 6-pin adapter. I assumed that I would need a crossover, but to confirm I tried replacing that with a straight-through connector and didn't get any lights on the network adapter on the FA30.

Thanks for your help on this!
The IP address of my VX2 is, so I changed the IP address of my FA30 to be That was a mistake?

Yes :D

When I boot the VX2, I see program number 195002601.08,03

You have version 1.08 C-Map software for the Vx2 Black Box processor. This is VERY old and doesn't understand network AIS. You need to update the unit.

Software (C-map 4.01 for Vx2 BB) ...

Instructions ... %20_3_.pdf

When it comes to your wiring (Direct to unit) it must have a cross-over. Keep in mind that the Furuno blue network cables are typically cross-over cables and so is the short (black) RJ45 to 6 pin adaptor. Together these two items (cross + cross = straight) won't work. Just make sure you have an overall cross connection. (Even if it is cross+cross+cross=cross)

Once your unit is updated, your cabling correct, and your IP back to normal; you should be fine. You should go into the plotter and setup your target track to ON for AIS. (From plotter screen; MENU - CHART SETUP - TRACKS & MARKS CONTROL - edit TARGET TRACKS DISPLAY to "ON" and set to AIS ONLY or BOTH [AIS and ARPA])
Thank you very much! I'll update the software and try again.

Thank you very much!! The software update did the trick. You saved me hours of trial and error.

First, I copied the files to a FAT-formated 4GB SD card that I had laying around. The VX2 didn't recognize it. Then, I bought a 2GB SD card-- that did the trick.

Also, I was able to leave the IP address; I didn't have to change it back to the default.

Thanks again!

Glad to hear it. You should be fine as long as you are not running MaxSea software. The IP address you selected (changed to) is normally the one we suggest fixing the MaxSea software as. I am glad to hear that you are up and running. :jump