sending a mark to NN3D

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Running MaxSea Explorer on my laptop networked to my NN3D, I right-click on a mark on my laptop & select 'Send to NN3D'...and sure enough, the mark appears on my MFD12, albeit with a different symbol (a small rectangle rather than the mark icon showing on my laptop). But when I disconnect the laptop, the mark is not retained in the NN3D system. How do I save a mark in NN3D when it is sent from MaxSea Explorer in this way?

thanks in advance
When conducting a "GOTO" navigation from the MaxSea TZ, you should get a point on the NN3D but it will not be retained. When you use the SEND TO NN3D, I thought the point is retained. Are you sure you are not confusing the two functions?
I am seeing a point on MaxSea/Laptop, right-clicking and getting a drop-down box and selecting from that SEND TO NN3D. Shortly after, a small rectangle appears on the MFD. I can click on this and get the Mark info. When I shut down and Mark on the MFD.

(I know how the GO TO function works...and that this will not be retained. Completely different as you say.)
I would have thought as you did; that the waypoint sent over in that manor would remain in the NN3D.

I will look into it.
I was unable to duplicate your problem. Using the NN3D with current software (2.07) and MaxSea TZ Explorer (1.9.7 or 1.9.8) when I sent a point over to NN3D, it stayed in the waypoint listing. What software version are you running on MaxSea TZ EXPLORER and NN3D?
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