Send GPS info to Icom 505 VHF for DSC



Hi Is it possible to wire in the NMEA0183 in and out wires of my VHF radio to the FI5002 junction box for position data to be received by the VHF to be used for DSC

My setup is MFD8, FI503, 504, 501, AIS FA-50, FI5002, DST800

Yes, it's possible to do that. You can use an IF-NMEA2K2 with a single-ended NMEA2000 micro cable to connect your NMEA0183 VHF to the FI5002. A better way to do it is to use the provided 18-pin NMEA0183 cable which has two in/out ports (Port 2 & 3). The wiring can be found in the printed Installation Guide (page 23) that was provided with your system or using this link to the MFD8 product page: ... n+Displays. Using this method would be optimal because there is no conversion necessary.
Hi Thanks Reaper
If I used the supplied cable to the MDF8 would I need to have the MDF8 ON to display gps info to the VHF?

Yes. The NAVnet 3D system would have to be on in order for the GPS data -or any data- to be sent from it.