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I just purchased a 2002 Cabo with a NavNet1 system w/radar,plotter,sounder at helm and rd 30 repeater at tower. I want to put a rdp149 on the bridge. My question is will I be able to view the screen if it is surfaced mounted on the steering console when there is direct sunlite? Do I need a Nav Pod to add some angle? There is a buggy roof. Second question, if the rdp149 will not work is the newer 3D screen more viewable under bright lite conditions. Appreciate some direction if anyone has a similar situation.

Capt Bob
Welcome Capt. Bob
The RDP149 looks fine in direct sunlight. The new units over the last ~12 months have a newer LCD that uses LED backlighting. I have taken both the CCFL and the LED units into direct sunlight and had no problems seeing the plotter screen. You might get your dealer to demo the unit. Maybe some of the other VX2 users here will share their opinion. Replacing a NN1 with a Vx2 of the same size is the best replacement option. The case size is the same and all cables and units of the old system will work on the Vx2.

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