SC-30 heading lost



I bought an SC-30 and IF-NMEA2K1
I had connect the SC-30 to our Sperry AP1500
The problem is the heading will lost when our ship heading to 10 degree until 100 degree
Any idea how to fix it?
It would be really hard to identify your problem without seeing photos of the installation and drawings of the system. Normally the IFNMEA2k1 wouldn't be used with the SC30. The IFNMEASC interface is what is normally used. I would recommend contacting your local Furuno dealer for service so they can look at the installation and see exactly what is wrong.
I will upload the installation and connection drawing soon, there is no furuno dealer in Indonesia
We have to contact furuno Singapore and its a high cost.
We lost 90 degree only, otherwise it is normal
I had put the antenna higher than any other equipment such as radar, etc
But the problem still same.

Did i have to setting the SC30?
But i can not find the SC30Tool software
It not supplied.
Thank you.
Where and who installed the SC30?

SCtool requires you to use the maintenance cable.
Normally, you would change settings in the IFNMEASC interface (which your designer didn't use)

Your drawing shows the SC30 directly connected to the IFNMEA2k1 converter. Where is the NMEA 2000 bus? (proper power and termination)

Do you have any photos of the SC30 and the area around it?
I do all the installation by my self,
Did you mean jumper on/off for termination in the interface?
It is in ON position
I try to upload the antenna position but it said the board quota has been reached
I will try to upload again soon
I deleted some of the photos that you posted before (that wasn't needed). Maybe you can post the new photos of the SC30 now?

NMEA 2000/Canbus has rules that must be followed to have a valid bus. Please review the following document. ... Design.pdf

A very basic network will have proper power and two terminations.
You said you have one termination in the IF-NMEA2k1 turned on. Where is the other?
How long is the cable from the SC30 to the IF-NMEA2k1?

Installation cable around 15 metres
There is no other termination, did i have to place an resistor for termination?
Where the termination should be placed?
I just use 2 cable for each device that i connected to the nmea2k1 (TD-A and FG)
I see several problems with this installation.

NMEA 2000 drop cables can be no longer than 6 meter. Only NMEA 2000 backbone can be longer. To be the backbone (cable between two terminators), it must have correct power and termination. A normal install of this type would have a special backbone cable (with a terminator inside the cable connector near the SC30) and the IF-NMEASC interface (Which has a second built on terminator). Although the interface you used could work, it is missing the second terminator up near the SC30. The normal cable provided with the SC30 is a drop cable without the built in terminator.

Another problem is the location of where the SC30 is mounted. It should not have items above or beside it. The satellite signal will be blocked by items above and bounce off the items beside it. This bouncing of signal, causes a delay (problem called multi-path) that confuses the unit. It is very important to follow the mounting instructions on the manual because multi-path can stop the unit from working properly.
okay, thank you for your advice
i will try to move the antenna to another place and put an 120 ohm resistor near the antenna for termination. I will confirm you soon with the result.