Saving Tracks


How do I save tracks on Navnet3D? I go to the files menu and select export, it then indicates there is an SD card in the slot, I select Yes. Nothing happens and it goes back to the menu. Is there a step before Export that you have to do?


Paul L
You must "SAVE" the track you wish to export, prior to exporting it to the SD card. You should turn on your tracks on the plotter screen so you see them, and then put your cursor on the track you wish to save/export. Right click and select "SAVE TRACK". This will allow you to Name and save the track into your unit for future use. If you wish to export this to SD card, then you follow the process you were trying before. (MENU - FILES - EXPORT TRACK) If you have tracks that you have saved on the machine that you no longer wish to keep, you can delete the files under MENU - FILES - DELETE FILES FROM DRIVE)
Happy Holidays
Thanks for the response. A couple of things still aren't clear to me:
What is the definition of a Track? I just did a right-click and Save on my last track. Looks like it saved all the entries for what ever tracks were on the screen, i.e. two weeks of tooling around, turning the MFD on and off each day. Is a Track the continuous track since the last Save?

I imported the Track, 485K, into Maxsea TZ. It imports it as if all is fine, but the track does show up on the display or on the Tracks list. So how do I get the imported track to show?


Paul L
In NN3D the track is limited to 10,000 track points. After the 10,001th point is recorded, the (oldest) 1 point is erased. The information cannot be recalled unless the user has manually saved the track into a file. For a day trip, the 10,000 points will be more than enough. If you plan to go back to a specific location weeks or month later, you should save the active track (give it a name according to the location and/or date). This way, later on, you can “recall” one the saved tracks. This track is one “chunk” of data since the last time it was cleared and the entire trail is saved when you “SAVE” it. It is possible to clear/delete your trail prior to making a trip. For example before going down a channel you could “clear” your tracks and then after making the trip “SAVE” that trail as something like “Channel track”. Then you can clear the tracks again if desired. It is not possible to just turn OFF tracking on the NN3D. It will always be tracking, regardless if you choose to display the track on the screen, or not.

Maxsea Time Zero keeps an “infinite track” in the background that is “recalled” by the user in two ways:
-A Trail with a specific amount of time behind the boat (this is called the “Active Track”)
-A Track History where the user define the middle point (date and time) and a “span” around it (up to 12H)
This new and innovative concept is very powerful for users that forgot to turn their track ON (like older systems do) when they need it. MaxSea TZ always keeps an infinite log of the boat position. (Not limited to the 10,000 points like the NN3D) If a user wants to go back to port from a day trip, he just needs to turn ON the active track (the “trail”) and have it set up to show 12 or 24 H behind the boat). If the user wants to go navigate on the same passage he did a week before (or months!), he can use the “Track History” (right click on the “Track” icon in the Ribbon and choose the date from the calendar). This is very powerful!

Since the NN3D tracking is limited (10,000 points) and the TZ is infinite, they are not compatible with each other (for tracks). Your attempt to bring the track into TZ was accepted because it was a CSV file, but isn’t used because it isn’t compatible. The export feature is for you to move the track to other NN3D systems, or use as a backup. As TZ software states when you try the IMPORT function for CSV… “This format allows exchange of marks and routes”. (ie… not tracks) If you have MaxSea Explorer networked with the NN3D system, they both will be storing the same track (position) but they cannot be directly imported or exported to each another. If you need to move a track from NN3D to TZ, you must first convert the track into a route, and then export/import the route. Tracks can be changed to routes within the NN3D by Right Clicking on the track and selecting the “TRACK BACK” option.