Sat Weather model replacing BBWX2???



Does anyone know if there is a new piece of hardware replacing the BBWX2? I feel the resolution and features of the BBWX2 are far inferior to most to of the competitors.

The reason I ask is because furuno usa shows no products found under satellite weather....

There will be new Sirius weather receiver coming in early summer.
It is now June and I need the offshore weather data. When can we now expect the new product. It has been 1 year now. If it does not come out soon I have to buy a second system to see such data. I cannot go without the data.
I'm afraid we have no new information regarding the release of the BBWX3.
However, if you have a TZT on board you can get your offshore forecasts loaded via the NavCenter weather service if you have an internet connection. This can be free WiFi at your marine or maybe a hotspot using a cell phone.
The only data not available would be the NowRad radar, but everything else that satellite weather provides you can download free with up to a 14 day forecast. This includes altimetry and plankton blooms, something you won't find with the satellite system.
Any update...We need sat weather. WIFI weather does me no good 50 miles offshore
Furuno USA just announced the sale of the BBWX3 weather receiver. At this point, it works with the NN3D using the included system software update. They expect software to support the TZtouch sometime in the spring. For those with the NN3D who might be interested in this unit; it is now time to contact your dealer for details.