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Hello and thanks in advance for any help provided.
I purchased this boat which already had a Raymarine E140w installed. He said the Radar had went out but in the pictures it had a Furuno open array on it. I could see where it must have had a small radar monitor in it, but seen that the E140w has radar capability. I was told that as long as the antenna I purchased was digital it would work. I purchased the RSB-0072 used with cables but nothing seems to fit. It came with a network sounder (DFF1) and a power supply. Will this work and if so what device do i need to connect these two units together.

Unless I am missing something here, you cannot use a Furuno radar with a Raymarine display. They are typically proprietary and do not talk across brands. What was probably implied by the individual that told you about the digital part probably meant any digital Raymarine branded radar.
thank you, I was afraid that would be the answer after I got it to the boat and seeing the cables and plugs. But no the individual sold me the furuno knowing I had the raymarine because I specifically asked if they would work. My loss