Requesting some help with my Furuno 585 fish finder.



I have installed and used my fish finder for about 4 months without any problems at all.

Yesturday I was on my boat the day before I had used it almost all day long and turned the fish finder on. The night before I had turned down the screen's brightness and then turned it off without setting it back to where I normally use it. That is the only thing i can think of that may have caused this problem:

As I said I turned on the unit yesturday morning and I was using the unit to display depth, after about 15 minutes the screen turned dark and I thought that maybe it recognized the settings from before, but very slowly so I went to change the brightness and it was already set on high. So I then lowered it to see if the screen would go from low to high brightness and light up. It did not. Then I turned the unit off and turned it back on about 4 times and every time after about 5 or 10 minutes(The intervules got shorter)that was the brightness timing between from being normal and going dark, it gets so dark the units screen unable to be seen.

Then I decided to restart the unit to the factory settings thinking it would delete any settings I may have saved accidently. It began to work as intented but, I noted that when I hit a bump or something the screen would sometimes go back to almost black.

has anyone experienced this? Is there a wire that is corroded or a wire that is not getting a good connection? please verify that this is not a known problem and please let me know which wire is for the units display and I'll try striping it and reconnect it and see if it was just a loose connection.

(also it was very foggy out)

Daniel Bellerive
Sounds like an issue with the LCD backlighting. Since this is internal to the sounder there is little an end user can do. Is there a Furuno dealer close to your location?