Replacement for FMD811 remote display



I have an 841 mkii radar with a monochrome LCD screen and an fmd811 remote display in the cockpit. The fmd811 is connected to the main unit with a 24-pin rectangular plug. The 811 screen is broken, and i'd liked to replace it with something a little nicer to lump along for a few more years until I replace the whole system.

Does anyone know if I can replace the fmd811 with a more recent display like the rdp148 or rdp143? They both have the same 24-pin rectangular plug. Can I just plug it in to the existing setup?

Has anyone else tried a similar mini-upgrade to an older system and have any suggestions?
No. There aren't any small (or large) FMD displays that have the rectangular connector. The FMD811 was a unique unit and is no longer sold. The only available choice is to use a larger screen with a round connector on the back; i.e. FMD1920C/NT. A new FMD cable would have to be run between the M841mk2 and the FMD1920C/NT to complete the connection.