Repair or Replace FCV582?



I have a 12 year old FCV582 that is only showing shades of blue now on the screen. I have a 5 year old B744V transducer. I also have a Garmin 3212 Chartplotter. Is it possible to repair the 582 and how much would it cost? If repair is not an option what would be a good replacement fish finder? I think I could also use my Garmin chart plotter with the addition on a GSD22 and 8 to 10 pin connector.
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While you could send your sounder to Furuno USA for a repair estimate, it might not be economical to repair. I would recommend looking at our FCV620 as a direct replacement. Your existing transducer will plug in and you only need to change the power cable. The FCV620 is close to the same size and has the same power output as the FCV582L. More information can be found here: ... sh+Finders

If you go the route of adding the GSD22 you will have to give up screen real estate for your sounder display.

Take a look at the FCV620 on our website at let us know if you have any other questions.

I want to make sure you are talking about the Furuno FCV582L and not the older FCV582 which was a CRT screen. It also had an 8-pin plug, not the 10-pin needed for the FCV620.

no, I have an older FCV582 CRT with the 8 pin plug. I believe there is a 8 to 10 pin connector to work with the FCV620?
You are correct. There is an 8 pin to 10 pin adapter cable. Part # AIR-033-204.
Since the FCV582 was an 8" unit you might want to consider our FCV585 which has a bigger display (8.4") then the FCV620.
Either way you go my personal opinion is replacement. It might not be possible or cost effective to replace the CRT tube, if that is where the problem lies.

Thanks Melville,
I wish I could afford the FCV585. Looking at the FCV620 or Si-Tex SVS650 as a replacement unit.