redundant network sounders



I'm thinking about adding a second Navnet network sounder for redundancy. We boat in a remote area and if a sounder goes out it would at the very least cut a outing short. It could also create a safety issue.

We have two 10 pin transducers on the boat now, so adding a second sounder wouldn't be difficult.

The question is, would the two sounder modules interfer with each other, or would they syncronize their pulses somehow.

If the two sounders would interfer, is there a way to turn one of the sounders off and only turn it on when needed, or would this be done with a power switch?
Running two 10 pin transducers (50/200) and two suitable sounders on the same boat at the same time would result in interference.

If you have two networks, it would be possible to run both using one at 200 and the other at 50.
You could also have the Transmission turned OFF on the one network sounder of the "backup network" and use just the "active" one; until needed. I never had anyone need such redundancy, but it can be done if you wish.
It appears from the manual that I'm going to run into a firm size limitation on my Vx2 network.

The end goal here is to have three Navnet displays in my pilothouse, and one display in the cockpit. It is also the goal to have full redundancy.

What I think I'm going to do is to split my system into two Vx2 networks.

System A will have a GPS sensor, Heading Sensor, Radar, Sounder module (set to 200 KHZ mode), Two displays one having a chart chip.

System B will have a GPS sensor, Sounder module (set to 50 KHZ mode), AIS, autopilot, and two displays one having a chart chip.

This will give me 100% equipment redundancy except the radar. The only downside is that I won't be able to have radar data on the non radar equipped system, nor will I be able to share routes and waypoints between the systems in real time.

I'm already much of the way there. I have a two display navnet Vx2 system (with the latest firmware) a open array radar, heading sensor, sounder module, redundant gps sensors.

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