RDP139, GD1710C, ETR6/10N



OK, I have a better understanding of the system on the new boat, but still haven't had time to operate everything.

We have an RDP139C/NT, 2 x GD1710C/NT, ETR6/10N Sounder and a 72 KM radar.

The sounder is tied to all three displays through a Linksys network switch.

Does all of the other information get passed through the network cables, ie GPS, Chart information, radar from the RDP139 to the GD1710C/NTs? That is the only cable going to the GD1710C/NTs other than the power cable.

The RDP139 is the only one that has a chart card.

Do any of the cables going to the Linksys switch need to be crossover cables for it to work properly?


Yes, everything does travel across the network cables to each display you have connected on the network. The one point to keep in mind is whatever display has the GPS antenna connected to Port1 has to have it's NMEA sentences turned "ON" in its "Output Through Network" setting menu selection. That way the GPS information coming into that unit is passed through the network to all other displays.

And you shouldn't need to pay special attention to you cables being crossover or straight as long as your hub is auto-sensing.
Thank you.

Just wanted to double check on the chart graphics. If I have the card in the RDP139, will the others display the chart graphics if everything is set up correctly.

In other words, do I need more than one card?



Nope. One card is fine. As you stated, if everything is setup correctly one card will run across the network to the other displays. Keep in mind that the chart will display a little slower when zooming in/out the two 7" displays, but it will work fine.