RDP-139 upgrade to NavNet 3D



I currently have a NavNet RDP-139 C-Map NT with a ETR-6/10 sounder. I'm looking to upgrade to the Navnet 3D 12.1 unit. My question is can the radar I now have be used with the NavNet 3D? And, is the ETR-6/10 also usable with the new unit?
The radar from the NavNet series one (like your RDP139), or Vx2 series is not compatible with the new NavNet 3D system. This is because we have shifted to a new Ultra High Definition (UHD) digital radar. The NavNet series one and Vx2 use analog radars, which will not interface to the 3D. The good news is that almost all the accessories designed for the NavNet one and Vx2 WILL work on the NavNet 3D. This includes items like the network fish finder (BBFF1, BBFF3, and DFF1), Sirius Weather module, GPS antenna, Fax30, PB100, and PG500 flux gate compass etc... etc...

The NN1 and Vx2 systems are excellent. The Vx2 10.4" units are still being sold by Furuno. It would be possible to keep your NN1 as radar, and use the NN3D for plotting purposes, but you would lose the overlay and 30 target ARPA benefits of the NN3D UHD radar. They can NOT interface together, other than normal NMEA information. I would suggest that your NN1 be sold as a radar system to someone else, then add the NavNet3D radar, utilizing any existing accessories. You might also consider updating your NN1 system to a Vx2 and waiting to move to NN3D or TZtouch at a later date. It would be best to discuss your options with your local authorized Furuno Dealer.