RD-33 NMEA0183 in/out


Furuno Super Fan
I just installed the RD-33, a fine unit. THe RD-33 has both nmea2k and 0183, so I thought it should be possible that this unit can replace my if-nmea2k converter.

Actually it is no Problem to send the Position data from the n2k bus to my dsc-radio and to the navtex nx-300.

Whats not working ist converting Position data coming from the Radio, for example from a distress call or a Position Report to Show the target on the chart-plotter. German Support says that this is nit possible because the rd-33 just cannot handle These sentences.

Is it possible thatr furuno add this ability via Software update?

Thanx for the info
The RD33 will convert most sentences it is designed to recognize/display. Since the RD33 isn't a plotter and not designed to display DSC, it doesn't accept or convert it. Considering everything it does convert and display; the concern would be adding tasks that could cause slow down and take away from its primary role. I will pass your suggestion but the RD33's primary purpose is as a multipurpose display.
Thanks for your answer Johnny.

Of course I see your Point. But the RD-33 seems to have enough cpu-power to convert some extra nmea sentences. From my Point of view it makes no difference which Kind of sentences are converted.

But your answer also leads to another Topic. THe RD-33 has a free programmable Display.
Because of that it should also be possible to integrate for example an AIS page.......that would make the RD33 even more interesting.....
The AIS suggestion has be put forward before and I think it is still under consideration by Japan. I agree it would be a very valued feature for a display like this. I will ensure product development sees this posting.