Hello all... I'm looking for a manual for a Furuno GaAs FET Front End. 8-Tone Daylight Display. I don't know a thing about Radar units as I've never had one before. This one is on a boat I recently purchased.. Now if only I knew how to work it....
Many Thanks all
Unfortunately, there are many units with that description on the front of the display. I would need the model number to provide the appropriate manual. The model number is on a data plate on top of the display near the front-center (closest to the CRT). If getting to that information is not an option because your display is flush mounted, then please provide the "type" from the radar data plate (i.e. RSB-0071) and last six digits of the FCC ID (i.e. RTR057).
Thank you for the response Radar.... I dug the unit out of an overhead console ... Thanks for telling me where the ID plate would be.... The model is 1731 Mark 3 s/n 3361-0951... I'm looking for an Owner/operators manual..
Again Many Thanks
Reaper, sorry I meant to say thanks for the response on my radar question.....I guess I have radar on my mind